Janmashtami Celebrations, 2018


The Kendra celebrated Janmashtami this year on September 2nd and 3rd. On Sep 2nd, the day began with Prabhat Feri by devotees and students of Sunday school, taken from the Kendra to a nearby Lord Krishna templewhile singing devotional bhajans for Lord Krishna.  Sunday School teachers engaged the children in engrossing stories of Lord Krishna, drawing, decoration of altar, music , chants and in pot painting activites. The children also participated in uti or pot breaking ceremony which is a traditional game played through many centuries. Following the Prabhat Feri programme,  the devotees attended a 6hr long meditation from 7am - 1pm, commemorating Janmashtami. More than 60 devotees attended the long meditation. 


On 3rd September, a 3 hr meditation was conducted at the Kendra from 4 pm - 7 pm on the eve of Janmashtami.  The programme included  a prayer, inspirational reading from God Talks with Arjuna, meditation , cosmic chants, Pushpanjali and Prasadam. Approximately 70 devotees attended the programme.